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    Protect assets from the impact of corrosion through proactive treatment using dual flow low pressure cold spray (DFSC) in combination with high quality finishes.


    Extend asset life through ONtech’s coating solutions at the right time in its life cycle.


    Save costs and resource time applying ONtech’s solutions.

    Corrosion Control & Coating Solutions

    In-situ corrosion control coatings and solutions – ONtech comes to you!

    The ONtech Rapid Coatings Process

    Our process is completed in a few short steps
    • 1

      Surface Preparation

      Rusted and corroded areas are surfaced prepared by grinding or sand blasting, and areas with through holes are replaced with mechanically fastened patches.

    • 2

      Surface Treatment

      Surface preparation activities are followed by a cold spray coating or high zinc paint, as may be required, to the rusted, corroded, and other corrosion prone areas, followed by a light sanding and application of a high-quality prime paint to the entire asset.

    • 3

      Surface Finish

      A high quality prime and finish coats of paint are applied matching the asset specification, and all asset decals are reinstated.


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