Industry Experts – ENWIN Energy and Tessonics

ONtech’s shareholders bring cold spray technology and utility industry expertise together to provide a solution to combat the affects of corrosion which is a global challenge.
Corrosion protection applied by technician

ENWIN Energy Inc.

ENWIN Energy is the non-regulated subsidiary of Windsor Canada Utilities, responsible for the development of unregulated business under the ENWIN umbrella (electricity, water and district energy). ENWIN Energy pursues partnerships in innovation and technology to deliver products and applications with the potential for local and global impact across various industry sectors.

Tessonics Inc.

Tessonics Inc. (Windsor) develops and manufactures leading edge ultrasonic technologies for the global automotive, industrial and medical sectors, including new and innovative products that have produced a new level of productivity to the manufacturing process driving a reduction in operating costs.

ONtech Rapid Coatings was launched in late 2018 through an ENWIN Energy and Tessonics Inc. partnership that has developed cutting edge corrosion control and coating solutions for cost-saving opportunities for the utility, automotive and aeronautics sectors across North America.
Ontech technician preparing job
ONtech technician drilling

The solutions provided by ONtech are based on Dual-Flow Cold Spray (DFCS) technology, and can be employed across various industry assets to prevent and stop the spread of corrosion damage for a wide variety of asset types.

ONtech Management

Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott

Business Development Specialist

Seasoned utility professional backed by 20+ years in the compressed air and surface treatment industry.